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Although the name of the UK Data Archive has changed over time, for simplification it will be referred to here as 'the Archive'.

Profiles - people of the UK Data Archive

Alasdair Crockett Dr Alasdair Crockett was Data Standards Manager at the UK Data Archive and Chief Research Officer at the Institute for Social and Economic Research. His interests and contributions to social science were wide and varied. He was an expert in the long-term preservation and management of social research data, and authored nationally and internationally respected guides to good practice on the subject. As a researcher, he conducted research in fields ranging from history to geography, sociology and social statistics.

Simon Musgrave Simon Musgrave was Acting Director from 1998 until 2000. Simon left the UKDA to develop the Nesstar product and business. He returned to the University in 2003 to work in health informatics for the department of health and human sciences. In 2005 he joined KPMG and now leads economic and statistical projects with a variety of government departments, often using the Data Archive resources.

Eric Roughley Eric Roughley joined the University of Essex on 1 October 1966 and the SSRC Data Bank when it was founded in 1967. He retired from the Archive on 31 October 1992, twenty-five years after he helped to establish it. In 1994 Eric was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire in the Queen's Birthday Honours List for services to information technology. Numerous users of the Data Archive praised Eric's efficiency and his painstaking attention to detail. His passion for the accuracy and integrity of data and his excitement in deciphering the structure of data tapes inspired many Archive staff.

Eric Tanenbaum Eric Tanenbaum was Acting Director of the Archive twice, firstly from 1982-83 and then from 1990-91. Whilst at the Archive he was concerned with the release of government data and negotiated to get government statistical data including the Joint Unemployment and Vacancies Operating System Unemployment Statistics (JUVOS). This dataset was used extensively by Local Authorities who defended the Archive when it was suggested that the Archive be closed down. He helped establish a series of user workshops on the FES, GHS, BSA and Census. These workshops, held at the ESRC headquarters in London, were always oversubscribed. They followed the same format of firstly having presentations from the originators of the data and then presentations from practical users.

Marcia Taylor After holding various posts in the Data Archive from 1973 including Deputy Director and Acting Director, Marcia Taylor left in 1989 and moved across the square at the University to the new ESRC Centre for Micro-Social Change in Britain, becoming the Director of Information and Development in 1990. In 1993, Marcia began a half-time secondment to CEPS/INSTEAD in Luxembourg as an Expert Consultant, retaining a half-time oversight of several research projects in the re-named ESRC Centre - the Institute for Social and Economic Research. Since her full-time return to Essex, in 1996, she has been awarded several European EU-funded projects which she co-ordinated, including the Network of Economic and Social Science Infrastructures in Europe (NESSIE) and the Euro-Panel Users' Network (EPUNet). At present, Marcia is the Director of the European Centre for Analysis in the Social Sciences at Essex.

Bridget Winstanley Bridget Winstanley joined the UKDA in the early 1980s and was the first librarian to be employed at any european data archive. One of her first projects, sponsored by the British Library, involved the conversion of catalogue records into MARC format. Within a few years she was Assistant Director of Information and will be remembered most for the BIRON search engine, which although officially standing for Bibliographic Information Retrieval ON-line, was referred to worldwide as Bridget's information retrieval on-line. As a member of the Data Documentation Initiative committee she helped develop the international codebook standard for specifying the content, presentation, transport, and preservation of social science technical documentation. Now retired, Bridget is enjoying life as a publisher of local history.

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