ACROSS THE DECADES - 40 years of data archiving

Across the decades of the Archive

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   SSRC Data Bank created
Allen Potter, Director
Floppy disc invented at IBM
Sexual Offences Act legalises homosexuality

   Students revolt at Essex University
Intel founded
First release of SPSS
Grosvenor Square demonstration, 200 arrested

   article on fire Fire on campus destroys wooden building housing administration and clerical records of the Data Bank

   Formation of Office of Population Censuses and Surveys from General Register Office and Government Social Survey Department
General Household Survey started
Development of UNIX started

   UK Census
First email program
First release of SAS

   SSRC Data Bank becomes Survey Archive
Ken Macdonald, Director
Second catalogue released
Unemployment reaches 1 million

   Labour Force Survey starts

   Ivor Crewe, Director
Ceefax teletext introduced
Two general elections in UK

   450 studies in collection
Affiliated with Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)
First edition of the Survey Archive Bulletin
Sex Discrimination Act/Equal Pay Act

   Council of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA) established
Race Relations Act
Apple Computer founded

   Family Expenditure Study workshops
Summer school in Survey Design and Analysis

   Day seminar: Measuring the Quality of Life
Archive Representatives Conference: Local Data Facilities

   1,400 studies in collection
First spreadsheet for personal computers - VIsiCalc

   Unemployment reaches 2 million

   Introduction of MS DOS 1.0

   Survey Archive becomes SSRC Data Archive
2,000 studies in collection
Unemployment reaches 3 million
Falklands War

   Howard Newby, Director
Introduction of CD

   SSRC Data Archive becomes ESRC Data Archive
Launched service for exchange of material on floppy disks
One pound note withdrawn

   Howard Newby showing the Queen the Domesday ProjectThe Domesday Project
Visit by Her Majesty the Queen
First release of Microsoft Windows
Sinclair C5 launched
Ozone layer discovered

   Purchased optical disc drives and a Micro Vax II computer
'The Independent' newspaper launched
Two volume Catalogue of Holdings available in hardcover at £65, suitable for libraries or institutions, and in paperback at approximately £25
Bulletin distributed to over 3,500 individuals
HASSET developedHASSET logo

   First annual CESSDA Expert Seminar
Bridget Winstanley and Marcia Taylor won British Library Research and Develeopment award

   Archive's 21st celebrations: seminar on 'Information Needs in the Social Sciences to the year 2000'
Tree planting

   Catherine Hakim, Director
WWW prototype built at CERN

   Paper copy of the ESRC Data Archive Catalogue cost £40

   Denise Lievesley, Director
ESRC Data Archive's first Compact Disc
Linux kernel born
Omnibus Survey

   Introduction of Windows 3.1

   3,000 studies in collection
BIRON available for external users
PDF 1.0 released
History Data Unit formed at ESRC Data Archive

   UKDA becomes web-based resource
Netscape Navigator replaces Mosaic

   HASSET available via web
Pentium Pro released

   ESRC Data Archive becomes The Data Archive
Digitisation project
NESSTAR project begins
Hotmail launched

   Five staff presented papers at IASSIST conference in Denmark
AMASS V4.5.8 hierarchical file management system acquired
Extension of offices and new telephone system
ESRC re-structured

   Launch of Great Britain Historical Database Online

   Users able to browse, perform simple analysis and download certain selected data directly from the web site
Minimum Wage introduced

   Kevin Schürer, Director
The Data Archive becomes UK Data Archive
Introduction of 'shopping-basket' ordering facility shopping basket
LIMBER, FASTER, Geo-projects MetaNet, CHCC

   Download service begins
Census Registration Service
First issue of UK Databytes
First launch of Nesstar for users
iPod released
UK Census: 0.7 per cent of population recorded as Jedi!

   MADIERA, Go-Geo, GeoXwalk, MetaDater

   Start of Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS)

   ESDS one-stop registration service
Mozilla Firefox released

   UKDA designated Place of Deposit for public records
Report on OAIS/METS standards

   RELU, DExT, Census Portal
Data Catalogue

   Almost 6,000 studies in collection
new building Move to new building